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02-10-2014 |

LYNN — A developer could open a tannery today on Boston Street but would need a special permit for nearly anything else, according to the city’s 88-year-old zoning ordinances.

“My fear is one day we’ll get a tannery because they can do that by right,” said City Council Daniel Cahill. “By right” means that the project falls within the existing zoning rules and cannot be prohibited.

10-30-2013 |

LYNN — Home buyers who cannot afford downtown Boston will have a reason to look in Lynn once city planners use newly-adopted “smart zoning” to spur downtown residential development projects, according to a city councilor who represents downtown.

Ward 5 City Councilor Brendan Crighton said such zoning helps developers renovate downtown buildings into residences by offering them tax credits and exemptions designed to make potential projects attractive.

“A recent Boston Foundation report mentions Boston’s unaffordability to middle-class home buyers. We have the existing infrastructure right now,” Crighton said.

10-19-2013 |

LYNN — The Good 2 Go crew from Raw Art Works is back at it, painting electrical boxes and bringing a little more outside art to the city’s Art and Cultural District.

“It’s really remarkable,” said RAW Art Therapist Bruce Orr, who mentors the group. “All the ideas, the concepts come from them.”

Good 2 Go is a group of young male artists who aim to have their work noticed in a positive way.

“I offer guidance in respect as an artist and educator, they come up with the ideas,” Orr said. “I encourage them to think outside the box.”

06-03-2013 |

LYNN — Fifty-five gallon garbage cans with locking tops are being tested on the city’s streets to see if they are the answer to the downtown area’s trash problem.

“We put some on Mount Vernon in Central Square and Exchange Street,” said Ward 5 City Councilor Brendan Crighton.

Crighton serves as chairman of the Central Business District Committee which has been mulling how best to tackle the issue of trash along Market Street and in other downtown areas.

05-23-2013 |

LYNN — Ward 5 City Councilor Brendan Crighton announced his decision Tuesday to run for a councilor at large seat in the fall municipal elections.

"It's a tough decision but the right one. I wanted to give my all to the position. As ward councilor, I've always tried to help my constituents," he said.

The 30-year-old West Lynn native said he will continue pushing for local economic growth if he is elected councilor at large. Crighton won his colleagues' support to adopt an accelerated waterfront development permit process last fall and he wants the process applied to other parts of the city.

11-13-2012 |

LYNN — After more than 30 minutes of intense and at times fiery debate, City Councilors voted 9-2 to hold a public hearing Dec. 18 on a proposed $4 million infrastructure wish list.

"Third time's a charm," said Ward 5 Councilor Brendan Crighton. "I've asked publicly for the hearing three times."

The council has been split over support for the bond order that includes repairs and upgrades for over a dozen of the city's parks, a new flag pole, steps and a fiber optic server for City Hall, air conditioning for Veterans Memorial Auditorium and a wave attenuator for the harbor as well as $50,000 for miscellaneous school repairs.

09-27-2012 |

LYNN — City Councilors want to speed up the permitting process for developers interested in building on the Lynnway and make it easier for small businesses to obtain city permits.

With the city’s waterfront already designated a “growth district,” the next step is to guarantee prospective developers decisions on permit requests within 180 days, said Ward 5 City Councilor Brendan Crighton.

Crighton and his 10 colleagues voted Tuesday to adopt a state accelerated permitting law, called Chapter 43D, and they identified five Lynnway addresses as priority sites for applying the law.

04-13-2012 |

LYNN — What inspired you to be a city councilor? Have you ever met a president?

Ward 5 Councilor Brendan Crighton, Councilor at large Hong Net and Peabody City Councilor Thomas Gould fielded these and other, sometimes personal, often tough, questions from the precocious middle schoolers involved in Project YES during its monthly parent night at Thurgood Marshall School.

“This is about getting you to do the right thing — to stay in school and volunteer in your community,” Gould said. “It’s expected of you.”

The men told personal stories of what led them to become city councilors and each touched on the same point: they could be councilors themselves someday.

02-21-2012 |
When you are talking with Councillor Brendan Crighton, you are talking with the next generation whose full effect will be felt when that generation is ultimately running this city.

Crighton, 28, is well educated, well spoken, well versed in the lingua franca of government and what’s best, he’s got this city on his mind. In more ways than he’d like to count, Lynn is what this young man’s present and future are all about.

07-23-2011 |

LYNN - Local artists will take to the streets today to paint murals on five utility boxes in an attempt to stave off vandals and to showcase their talents.

Ward 5 City Councilor Brendan Crighton, the Office of Economic and Community Development and the Inspectional Services Department teamed up with Raw Art Works to create a display of public art in the downtown.

Crighton said the idea is not original. Students in Swampscott covered a utility box outside the high school last year and a similar project was undertaken in Somerville. He said it's a good idea worth copying.

"Hopefully this will be a pilot program for Lynn," he said.