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12-26-2016 |

State Rep. Brendan P. Crighton, state Sen. Thomas M. McGee and, state Rep. Daniel F. Cahill, left to right, during an interview at The Item last week.


LYNN — The city’s Beacon Hill delegation are celebrating their legislative accomplishments in the 2016 session and looking ahead to next year.

12-01-2015 |

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Businesses reported favorably on House Bill 144 — “An Act Establishing Community Benefit Districts,” clearing the first major hurdle on its way to a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.

This legislation, sponsored by state Rep. Brendan Crighton (D-Lynn) and Sen. Eileen Donoghue (D-Lowell), would provide cities and towns with the opportunity to create Community Benefit Districts (CBD).

“Community Benefit Districts provide cities and towns with a sustainable way of providing a high level of programming and services—from sidewalk shoveling to farmers’ markets — for their downtowns and Main Streets,” said Crighton.

06-26-2015 |

By Thor Jourgensen / The Daily Item

LYNN — A 92-year-old Nahant sculptor is a key figure in the city’s effort to immortalize African-American baseball pioneer Bud Fowler at the Locust Street entrance to Fraser Field.

Working out of a former Army building behind his home near Forty Steps, Reno Pisano created the sculpture depicting Fowler in his 19th-century baseball uniform out of clay. A Chelsea firm is creating a bronze casting of his creation that will be mounted on a granite pedestal next to Fraser in late July or early August.

06-18-2015 |


The untapped potential for redevelopment of the Lynn waterfront and opportunities to continue to redevelop downtown Lynn are the major focuses of city officials looking to take advantage of a state-approved program that seeks to boost development of market-rate housing in Gateway Cities like Lynn.

The Housing Development Incentive Program (HDIP) is a relatively new program approved by the state legislature in October 2014, which seeks to leverage state investment tax credits and local property tax exemptions to lure developers to Gateway Cities.

06-16-2015 |

By Thor Jourgensen / The Daily Item

LYNN — Downtown, the waterfront and bordering neighborhoods could see new construction under a state approved-plan Lynn’s legislators said will use tax credits and exemptions to attract developers.

The Housing Development Incentive Program is aimed at getting commercial and residential developments built. One of the program’s priorities is creating market-rate housing.

06-01-2015 |

By Thor Jourgensen / The Daily Item

LYNN — They’ve labeled their objective “homefulness” and local Youth Council members are convinced they can make an impact this summer on homelessness among Lynn-area teenagers.

Endorsed by the City Council and School Committee, the 14-member council includes teens from neighborhoods across the city, including Taima Walker, who said she has seen teens loitering late at night on local streets or sleeping on porches during the day.

05-30-2015 |

By Steve Krause / The Daily Item

LYNN — One of the last things I told the Harrington School fourth-graders to whom I read aloud for an hour Friday morning was that if they never read another book, they should devour — and then devour again — Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.”

05-22-2015 |

By Tara Vocino / The Daily Item

LYNN — “You reap what you sow.”

That was the theme for the 133rd St. Mary’s High School graduation, which was held Thursday night at Lynn City Hall Auditorium.

05-19-2015 |

By Thor Jourgensen / The Daily Item

LYNN — Cool temperatures and overcast skies could not keep 77 commuter ferry riders from smiling and laughing Monday as they boarded the Cetacea and looked forward to a summer of ocean views, coffee and cocktails.

“It’s wonderful. I like everything about it,” said Revere resident Sheila Ercolini.

“And the coffee on the ferry is good,” added Deborah Perates of Peabody.

04-07-2015 |

By Cyrus Moulton / The Daily Item

BOSTON — Lynn will receive nearly $1.5 million in state money for roads this coming year, state legislators announced Monday afternoon.

Although this appears to be a significant reduction compared with last year’s allocation, the $1.5 million is combined with unused money from 2014 and special funds to give the city a record $2.4 million for road repairs this coming construction season.